Keeping in view the current financial crisis, we haven't set up a fixed fee structure for our customers.

Cost of Services


Instead, we take into consideration the customers' financial circumstances and needs, so charge on project basis not on day or hourly basis, where some BDEs might unfairly over bill their clients by working slowly we have a range of fees and affordable for customers with 'No Hidden Charges' as compare to other organizations in the business community. 



We have an all-inclusive structure of fees. So, you can discuss your budget and needs with us in a friendly environment and we can agree upon a reasonable set of fee to complete the project. Once agreed, then, all the details regarding the project(s), the final cost(s) are explained and signed in a form of agreement. 


However, you would like to have an idea that how much our services might cost your approximately, so here are some estimated fees for the specific services we provide, depeinding upon the size and complexity of the project;


Services                                                           Estimated Fees

Strategic Marketing                                        £650 - £1500

Market Research                                             £465 - £850

Business Plan                                                 £550 - £1000

SWOT Analysis (Threats & Opportunities)         £375 - £750

Customer Care                                                £300 - £475

Appraisal and Rewards Structure                 £200 - £365

Support Services (Through email & phone)       FREE



* Payments to be made in British Sterling Pounds*